A Small Gloss About Don Lancaster

1 I don’t like to repeat anything that somebody else has done brilliantly. For all information on Acrobat, Post Script and P.O.D. books generally along with a capacious treasure of other information on a zillion subjects I would suggest the reader repair to www.tinaja.com where Don Lancaster’s Guru’s Lair explains everything one needs to know

Great Dragons Of Cyberspace

If one of the three blind men in the famous story of a trio of eyeless elephant explicators has only grasped the elephant’s tail, knowledge of merely the tail of any great beast is better than having guessed nothing at all. This is not a Chinese prove but it should be. The Chinese, sagacious in

The Shadow Of the E-Book

Almost any author, publisher, editor and agent in the United States has gone recently through some intriguing moments when they have heard of the markets of the e-book. At over four hundred dollars, locked into encryption, proprietary notions, linked only to books selling at the normal steep hard cover prices, immersed in every way in