Son Of Spam

E.14th St 9E New York, New York 10009 212-995-0299 [email protected] Son Of Spam A Collection of Trash By Matthew Paris Table Of Contents: 1. Introduction 2. The Abattoirs 3. Alberta Ice Toilets 4. Alein Aber Frei Tonic 5. Kaboom: A Message From His Divine Excellency Ibn Abdul Alhhazred 6. Alpha Inc. 7. Amnesia Incorporated 8.

A Vacation In Bed-Sty

‘I’ve been to lbeza,’ said Isola de Chachkes, the svelte, trim, diet-conscious androgynous ganzemacher of Little Neck society the other day to her claque of shoppers at a posh mall. “Nowadays, Bed-Sty is the last place on this overrun planet one can have a civilized vacation.” To many a cunning matron of the posh Five

Visions Of Baba Yugga

Introduction I am going to recount here merely the various sacred sayings mostly about the murky mysteries of commerce I had heard over some years while a disciple of Baba Yugga, the charismatic financial guru born Artis Buckwhistle of East Peconic Park, New Hampshire. He was a saintly mahatma of business and commercial morals we