A Small Gloss About Don Lancaster

1 I don’t like to repeat anything that somebody else has done brilliantly. For all information on Acrobat, Post Script and P.O.D. books generally along with a capacious treasure of other information on a zillion subjects I would suggest the reader repair to www.tinaja.com where Don Lancaster’s Guru’s Lair explains everything one needs to know

Great Dragons Of Cyberspace

If one of the three blind men in the famous story of a trio of eyeless elephant explicators has only grasped the elephant’s tail, knowledge of merely the tail of any great beast is better than having guessed nothing at all. This is not a Chinese prove but it should be. The Chinese, sagacious in

The Shadow Of the E-Book

Almost any author, publisher, editor and agent in the United States has gone recently through some intriguing moments when they have heard of the markets of the e-book. At over four hundred dollars, locked into encryption, proprietary notions, linked only to books selling at the normal steep hard cover prices, immersed in every way in

The Films Of Clint Eastwood

The twenty three or so and still coming films of Clint Eastwood as director have singular features that mark them as very different from any contemporary director who turns out Art, not crap. Eastwood films have an unobtrusive camera steel with few tracking shots, fades or any other virtuosics; they are often in a quiet

A Short History of Noodles

I’m really writing about the perception of Asia in America, subject I am an expert upon by merely having survived without missing too many meals in this country, just as I am an authority on the raise and fall of hair tonic made filched from sheep oil, the sanctification of Sinatra and Elvis if I

Bread Upon The Waters

Irwin Shaw’s next to last novel, published by Delacorte Press, is a tome bearing all the virtues of the author’s other achievements¬† elegance, masterful craft, language free of banality and chiseled into an unobtrusively beautiful filigree, the muted mournful music of the prose, and most of all, the intelligence and moral slant of a philosopher.

The Advent Of Arnold and Jesse

I am going to say anything in this essay that is totally politically incorrect to even odium for most people. I have the right and privilege to do this deed. I am a natural aristocrat living on a pension and social security in a loose and scrambling republic that never punished anyone for their opinions

Schools From Hell

When Does The American Educational System File For Bankruptcy? When I was a kid I always admired the myth of the federal drug administration. The FDA would not allow a single headache pill to hit the market until it was tested on mice, prisoners, and cats in controlled experiments lasting for years in their clear