Top 12 rejected tag lines to this site

1. A Cure for Pleasure
2. A Young Eunuch’s Guide to Heaven, Hell and The Suburbs
3. Imaginary Take Out Joints, Almost Real Pizza
4. A Thousand And One Ways To Do Nothing
5. A Gaggle Of Neglected Cheap Hotels in Iraq
6. Remedies Without Diseases, Solutions Without Problems
7. Comfy Commuting In An Ultimate Wilderness
8. The American Medicaid Tour
9. A Michelin Survey Of Posh Nursing Homes For Youth
10. The Very Intelligent Infant’s Manual Of Incontinence
11. “I enjoyed this damned site more then watching
a week long marathon of Professional Wrestling!” Dr. Thurgood Atkins.
12. “This is the McDonalds of Something, I don’t know
what the hell what.” Roth Limburger