Bugging the Few


Let us imagine for a moment that we have sneaked in invisibly to a conference of the few, the mighty ones of the Earth in one of our invisible enclaves that offers us a chance in very anonymous circumstances to invent a more efficient way of controlling and subjugating the many.
We should imagine this colleague not in a palace or a treasure room of a great cathedral, their eyes half blinded from the radiance of the swag from proper sacred enterprises in the hinterlands gleaming satanically on the walls.
It might be a moderately priced Setzchuan restaurant rented out for the night or a capacious Greek diner, perhaps the back rooms where banquets are held in a Brooklyn Sicilian eating place. We know these heavy hitters aren?t the Mafia; the fare does not include pasta.
Many of the guests have a classical Northern European visage. One might notice that this is a group somewhat out of the ordinary because the wines aren?t the usual fast food restaurant selection but brought in limousines to be chilled by the staff by uniformed lackeys from some unnamed private army operating by stealth from an unmarked truck.
It is not the present but the end of the Second World War, a great catastrophe for the few. They have nearly bled themselves to death, cannot command for long an army anymore to killed or be killed, are unhappy with the paltry results of the established religions in efficient stifling of their faithful in peace whether they are theistic or less colorful and Marxist. Thee mood over the turtle soup is doleful.
Then one of their experts from their think tanks is introduced by the sort of nameless fellow who can make a telephone call to any leader in the world and command them to do what they must do; the pundit for hire offers these feasters a short but cheering discourse that for a time lightens the general leaden mood.
I shall include a few excepts from this semi-imaginary lecture.
?Gentleman? he said, looking at his wine glass meditatively, ?we all know our difficulties if we take our boons for granted; we are after all not even at our worst on the street. I?m hardly here if I mean to be amusing as well as didactic to amphioxi our follies or repeat their baleful consequences overmuch. We all know what we are; we are masers of understanding our weaknesses and failures if we lack any remedies for them, as Livy once said.
?Consider these verities. We cannot rule in situations of rough equality. There are too few of us to do so. We need inequality, monarchy of some kind, the semblances of an infallible science whether it is from our colorful metaphysics of Europe, a geography of ten dimensions and three worlds, each with its resident capitals and armies of attendant demons, or the more grey and crass infallible expertise of our Marxists and other materialists, to baffle and quell the loutish but unfortunately immortal rabble with sundry and diverse magicks proper to bishops.
?We also need a sophisticated technology to arm one of us with a button to send out missiles that can and occasionally will kill millions of this human scum. There is no more effective inequality than the reality or threat of a massively lethal bomb and cunning machines the most egregious imbecile among us could pilot to deliver such just punishment to the vulgar and naturally rebellious.
?We have that; we don?t have as yet an internal means to seduce our populace to embrace the kind of stupor and subservience nonzero to us. We can?t look to our old well dressed and perfumed hierophants to deliver such medicine for us either; they had failed us long before the American, French, Russian and Chinese Revolution.
?Principally our error was to keep the populace poor. Their lack of goods merely catalyzed their inherent disinclination to be ruled by us. Keep them rich, porcine, in debt, ignorant and armed with more property and goods than they know they deserve and we can control them as those at the current bottom could not imagine they might be terrified, cowed, muscled and generally baffled. Our first goal is to bring down artificially the natural intelligence of the populace.
?We can attack this check on us among the young who are least able to protect themselves from us. We will put them in schools that tech nothing, not even literacy. We will stick them in font of machines at infancy that offer them endless amusement at no obligation, turning them passive with invisible chains for a lifetime.
?You have not been able to seduce even the craven with pain; you almost have to do better offering them immoderate pleasure. We will lard their lives with addictive media devices of all kinds, fashioned from plastic, cheap enough to make from some chemical goop or other, to separate them from nature as no divorce has ever succeeded in cleaving old lovers; we will exclude them fervor, perhaps even more time than that, from their natural resources of observation, science and intelligence thinking.
?We will give them comforts that after a wheel will enslave them with banal and coarse delights as no prison ever could. When we need real work on any level we will import workers form the hinterlands or even go to them, perhaps even deceiver them on Mars and put them to work, whatever scurvy action, feasting or reveling, they mgmt be doing on that absurd planet at that time.
?They Martians, aliens or whatever, perhaps robots, perhaps genetically modified dogs, who knows, will have no rights, no franchise, nothing but a surrepititious contract with God or more directly with ourselves as his resident angels to labor for us that will staid as they perceive it between them and penury. The fear of plummeting back to where they were should quiet and stifle most of them.
?Gentlemen, the few inherently cannot run the many by force; you might kill them but you cannot efficiently enslave them by termor. On the evidence you should have tried corruption by gluttony millennia ago. You have a fossilized habit of continuing to offer the many merely poverty, absurd culls of humility that appeal to the vanity of vegetables, clods and beggars, ceremonies that awe them with expensive grandeurs that in the end pique them with their brassy flamboyance, metaphysical threats that would cow them into slavery but inspire only a hatred of both God and the devil; you have always failed.
?You have no chicle as social scientists as well as billionaires, you think, but to repeat your disasters or attempt to maiming the wretched mob by learning from your woes and giving them too much instead of too little.
How you ever heard of a rebellion of pigs? Has there ever in the history of our despicable species been a revolution from those who are furious at the palpable injustice of having too much? If there were you would be the first rebels, wouldn?t you? Have you done so?
?When you run out of citizens to corrupt you should turn your eye to space itself for laborers who can work; there must be something or somebody out there in the stars that can labor and have enough tolerable intelligence to fashions your massive weapons, cook your copious brandy-laced dinners and fix your elephantine plumbing.?
At the end of this speech a German industrialist I dare not name stands up and says with dry civility to the speaker: ?You are an intellectual and sensitive man I admire in many ways, sir, but you have spent too much of your time reading Goethe when you should be studying economics.?


Although I am of course inventing this scene I am certain that either something like i happened or we have fallen into our current conditions by accident against the august will of our leaders. It doesn’t matter whether it all happened to us as a mistake, a fiat or a miracle. It is one way or another our recent history.
However I am convinced that human beings can defeat any corruption including the classical envenoming of morals among the rich in the long run. The war against the natural intelligence and integrity, the hope of our visible supposed champions to undermine the natural intents and character of our species has always been lost by those who oppose the common people. One merely has to have the patience and luck to be on the scene and not a memory of smoke when it happens.
I?ve learnt from decades of experience maundering at the bottom that those who are stifled for decades eventually get to where they must aim as part of their species to be; if their antagonists are powerful and resourceful it just takes them more time to get to their proper place or expire while pterion to get there. when they get there more slowly and picturesquely they are more secure in their residence allotted to them by nature because they know who and what has stood between them and their biological intents.
We tend to think if we look at the map, watch the news, or talk too much to the middle class anywhere that the above program of turning human beings into pigs has been successful. It has corrupted many people; it has however missed its mark with as many as it has despatched.
The closer one gets to hinterlands away from the capitals and bases of the applied means of force and bafflement in attaining and keeping power of the time, the more one sees the common people retraining their natural intelligence and inherent problem soiling abilities, able to take action to protect their biological franchise as free and powerful adults.
I?ve seen it myself because I?ve traveled a lot. At one time not so long ago the harsh and perilous life one levied in the United States was that kind of borderland for the power bases of its day. As times and the seasons change the areas of relatively weak control of the few change too.
One has to search a little to find them sometimes. Given the balances of nature they citadels and wildernesses are always there, sometimes in surprising places. They don?t have to be physically remote form the fortresses of power either; they can be next door to them if they have tolerable room for scrambling, enough of a selenic geography easily accessible of violence, uncharted wilderness and deep shadow.
For this puny reason I am on the side of the diverse and many. It?s among other things a hellova good bet. I am an advocate of a species that has never been totally defeated by any tyranny, that is tough, an army of big animals, can take a lot of beatings and survive almost anything, is resourceful when properly desperate, in any case has in the long run won all the battles.
Human beings will figure out one way or another how to defeat corruption by plenty as they have after much time crushed corruption and coarsening by wont. A new tactic to stifle humanity is just another episode in a tragic enterprise.
Beyond that, morally, one must embrace force, murder, betray and all manner of other injurious actions if one is any kind of elitist and for the few. They might not manifest themselves instantly; they are at best in any imposed notion of how the few bribe the many to live only a step away from the war zone, wherever that might be, where this immortal fracas is pitched and fought in a traveling bloody carnival.
Whatever vices the many have, and I have no illusions about the worst of them, it never advocates worldwide pious slaughter, if possibly only because the populace inherently ca never be organized enough to take up genocide. I would never claim the many are better than the few morally. I am not so crazy.
Of course one could argue that the Third Reich and Soviet Union were folk killing machines; I think that was their rhetoric devised from clever and deceptive elites, not their nature. The Third Reich was founded, put in place, and nurtured by German industrialists and bankers looking to established peace and order their way as all elite operations have since the days of Cain. The Soviet Union as Djilas pointed out, formed their new class, their elite, almost instantly after they despatched the old one of the Romanovs.
A true advocate of the diverse and many is always agonist every focused politics of will and force, always in his lifetime is in hiding or in flight or rebellion from anything like these regimes with their faith system and rhetoric of folk or class justifications for massacre, even when most narrow and bigoted against people in the some condition, acting in the service of a loose communal diversity.
One of the marks of anchoring oneself in nature is its fluidity rather than its solidarity, its familiarity with swiftfooted denature, exile, cunning disappearance into the local geography. Given that, most populist wars aren?t revolutions that begin and end with varied results; they are continual battles with no particular place in time and place that invoke on both sides the implosive and explosive ,the centripetal and centrifugal forces of the cosmos.
None in this struggle between two universal ferocious can ever be victorious, none can be defeated. One makes a choice in one?s politics merely which side one takes and honors in a the middle of a celestial war that as Jefferson says is built into the nature of Creation itself.
My own allegiance is to the common people. I am no dope; I am one of them. They are the many. I know that many situations of benign action like parenting and teaching are at once adversarial theaters in which the values the supposed victims find odious, then sometimes internalize, are their tools and weapons of adult competition, not the means of their destruction.
Both democracy with its natural open ended tendencies tact are amiable with freedom and tyranny tact, to paraphrase Montesquieu, attempts to implode reality itself into a point, are elusive integers that can have their covert benign aspects; they also of course sometimes marry or at least engage in coitus in the dead of night.
In this multi-dimensional battleground I am for the franchise of everyone to reach their potential for life, even for evil if they don?t injure others, even if that capacity is the franchise to orchestrate without any gift for originality or amusement their very banal and forgettable suicide.
There is a natural inequality in the world, the strong do run the weak no matter what hedges exist in any state against their sinewy aegis, it is preferable in any but trivial situations to have as one?s allies and within oneself the arms won by pain and endurance that lead one, irrespective of tyrannies, to at lest the path to one?s optimal excellence if one is liable never to get there..
Yet the real war zone for humanity is not a simple theatre of tyrant and victim but the involute means by which both the strong and the weak reach their optimal capacity for freedom and power, even if it is the liberty to be odious.
The alternative to embracing the potential capacity of the many to be as broad an explosive force for consciousness is to nod, smile and even help the slaughter and acaridan when our dealt as well as our life is imposed upon us by strangers. If at bottom our camber tyrannies aid us to take up that adult lie it is the mark of these apparently polar celestial forces that they are able in this involute Creation to work as allies as well as enemies.
The trick among chimeras is to know when a tyrant in silk or covered with sackcloth and ashes is really a tyrant, when a champion of the oppressed is really its pious, grey and dour butcher.