The Suburban Hunt

Hi, I?m Jezreel, but you might want to call me Lamont. That?s obviously not the moniker I was born with; what?s the difference? Do we really want to bumble through life living by all the mistakes of our parents? We do, of course; we don?t like it. Even they don?t like it. Hey, I?m flattered

Welcome to Alturia

We live in a world none of us could have imagined when some intrepid souls took up small press publishing decades ago. We all tried to give the power over an author’s work back to the author. Writers have after all been taking a tremendous beating for about thirty years. At bottom the author is

American Politics Of Empire

Whenever my friends and I get together and talk about politics I always find I my own contributions to this discourse speak another language altogether. My colleges find me amusing and indulge me in my philosophic excursions as they discuss how inept the president of the day is, how others have better ideas about how